Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Titters From the Twitter (and Other Places): September 2014

This month's titters from the Twitter (and other places).  Enjoy! 

09/02:  From Twitter:  @Bec_giddy tweeted:
09/02:  From Facebook:  T.Kingston shared:  "Saw this on Twitter: Just realized that Sally is an idiot for Selling Sea Shells by the Sea Shore... THEY'RE ALREADY THERE FOR FREE, SALLY"
09/02:  From Facebook:  C.Harper shared:
09/04:  From Facebook:  M.Cheyne shared:
09/06:  From Instagram:  JonAcuff:
09/06:  From Twitter:  @tweetingteach  tweeted:          
# has reminded me of this brilliance....  
09/06:  From Facebook:  C.Looney shared:

09/08:  From Facebook:  C.Harper shared:
09/08:  From Facebook:  The Crochet Crowd shared:

No, just, no!
09/13:  From Facebook:  R.Tompkins shared:  "A fourth grader had killed his first deer... And of course he was talking it up at school... One of his vegan friends asked him, 'didn't you feel anything when you shot that poor deer?'  He said, 'Yep, recoil.'"
09/13:  From Facebook:  S.Maddox shared: 
09/15:  From the web:  Saw this commercial while I was watching a program on hulu.com:
09/15:  From Facebook:  E.Pruit shared:
From my friend, Andrew, who collects these on his phone:

09/17:  From Facebook:  R. Tompkins shared:
09/18:  From Facebook:  T.Brown shared:
SEC football fans understand.
09/20:  From Facebook:  N.Payne shared:
09/21:  From Facebook:   
09/24:  From Twitter:  @CraigyFerg tweeted:  "My 3 yr old son just told me, 'I love you even when you do toots from your bottom.'   He shows a level of tolerance I find inspiring." 
09/26:  From Twitter:  @dasfuxi tweeted:  "Whenever I need to vent, I go to Google Maps and angrily shake the little Street View person. Then I feel sorry for the little guy."
09/27:  From a podcast on ITunes:  ""I have a pretty high tolerance [for marijuana]: just slightly lower than Cheech and a little bit to the left of Snoop." - Greg Proops
09/28:  From Facebook:  K.Johnson shared:
09/29:  From Facebook:  T.Harper shared:
 09/30:  From Facebook:  M.Cheyne shared:

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