Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sweets for the Sweet?: The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:  Saturday, July 5, 2014

Outside my window … A gorgeous day with low humidity and lots of singing birds.  This is the first time since moving here that I've enjoyed a long sit on the front porch. 
Praising God for…  answering prayers that seem too simple and too stupid.
In prayer for...  Those who don't yet know Christ, tomorrow's church service, more ministry opportunities.  Still praying for my business.

I am thinking... about Christmas.  Yeah, I know it's seems early, but I've already started my Christmas crafting at the workshop.

I am thankful... for a good working automobile,  for my grandnieces and grandnephews who love me. 
In the kitchen...  Trying to keep it light.  I feel like I've been eating all day.  I haven't, but I feel like I have.

I am wearing... Black shorts and tank top.

I am creating...
 setting up to do a painting.  I'm also working on a Christmas tree skirt.
I am going... nowhere tonight.   Going to sleep soon.
I am wondering... how to order sushi that won't gross me out or kill me.  I've never eaten it before.

I am reading... One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  When this book first came out, all my friends were flocking to read it.  I usually wait when something is over hyped like that.  I've read a couple of chapters and I don't know what all the hoorah is about.  So far, it's terribly depressing.  If it doesn't get any better, I'm taking it back to the library.

I am hoping...
that I sell some more crafts this week.  I hope this cooler, less humid weather holds long enough for me to get out on the trail a couple of times.

I am looking forward to...
football season (Roll Tide!).  A good week.  A break from some of my extracurricular activities for a few weeks. 
I am learning
… I learned how to fix a formatting problem in my word processing program that's been nagging me for years.  I learned how to take the ice bin out of the icemaker this week.  I've never had the daily use of a refrigerator with water and ice in the door.  It's really cool not to have to fill ice trays all the time.

Around the house... Finally figured out the front water spigot, connected the hose to it, and commenced to rinsing everything.  I swear an ostrich or an emu pooped on one of the front windows of the house.  I've never seen a guano splat that large that didn't involve a moving car.  My car isn't washed, but just the rinsing made it look better.  That's another new thing I've got to get used to.  We weren't allowed to wash our cars at the apartment in JackVegas.  I may end up washing mine every weekend out of spite.  >:)
I am pondering...  I need an opinion.  I like to give edible goodies at Christmas time.  Am I a hypocrite for doing that?  After all, just because I don't need them doesn't mean others don't.  Then again, people know about my health journey; they may feel like I'm giving them junk.  I don't know what to do.
A favorite quote for today... "Some people are like blisters; they show up after all the work's done."  - Southern Women Channel on Twitter

One of my favorite things... The Rick and Bubba Show.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   I'm not going to be out as much this week.  I hope to spend the whole week working in the Workshop and getting in some good workouts.

A peek into my day...  Sitting on my butt or lying in bed nursing a sore back has been the pits today.  Tomorrow, I think I'm going to plan an Auntie day.  I've got church tomorrow, complete with dinner on the grounds in celebration of Independence Day.  Afterwards, I think I'm going to take a walk, piddle around at the city pool and take a bike ride.

UPDATE:  Didn't do a thing.  I went home and slept most of the afternoon.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.

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