Friday, July 25, 2014

Double Zero: The Friday 5.

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 This week's questions are about nothing...literally.
  1. What is something you have run out of?  Steam.  I'm having a hard time getting myself in gear to create.  I think I'm going to have to start working out in the mornings to clear my mind so the creative juices start flowing again.
  2. What is something you don’t know anything about?  There are tons of things I don't know anything about.  I would like to know more about history, travel, music, driving on the interstate, digital media, etc.  There are things I don't care if I know anything about: politics, sex, ordering at Starbucks, etc.  I never want to stop learning, but I also want to have wisdom with my knowledge.
  3. What is something that needs emptying?  My heart needs emptying of bitter feelings.  I need to empty my car of trash (it's not that bad, but I don't want it to get bad). 
  4. There are a lot of stylistic or slangy ways to say “zero.” Which are your favorite?  Nayern (my mom and dad always said that), as in "We ain't got nayern." 
  5. When did you last receive something free when you were expecting to pay for it?  My DVD drive on my laptop has wigged out and will read and write CD's but not DVD's (?!).  I thought I would have to pay for a new drive to be installed, but a friend gave me an external DVD drive she wasn't using.  For that, I am very thankful.

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