Sunday, June 29, 2014

Got Milk?: The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:  Sunday, June 29, 2014

Outside my window … 90+ degrees with a relative humidity of 1596%. 
Praising God for…  the answered prayers in my Sunday School class.
In prayer for...  Those who don't yet know Christ, my upcoming share time at Celebrate Recovery this Friday, my own heart issues (see below).

I am thinking...
I'm still thinking about how to conquer this undercurrent of anger and bitterness that's grabbed me.  I'm working on changing my thinking patterns, but yet it's still there.  I'm wondering now if God's trying to tell me something's not right or that I need to deal with something or someone, or am I just hacked off with no good reason?

I am thankful...
for God's love. 
In the kitchen...  Not sure.  I've got to get some groceries.

I am wearing... Black shorts and running shirt.

I am creating...
 WIP's, items for the workshop and getting ready to start on Christmas items.
I am going... nowhere tonight.  Going to do an indoor workout in a few, then a shower, and probably to bed. I wanted to ride and walk today, but it is way too hot and humid. 
I am wondering... about why runners keep recommending I drink chocolate milk after a run.  Wouldn't that make my puke like a fountain?  I thought chocolate milk was bad for me.  Weird.

I am reading...still reading God is Not Mad at You by Joyce Meyer.  I've also started a book called Running Within.

I am hoping...
that my hands fly this week so I don't have to work over the weekend.  I'm also hoping that my time for the Woodstock training run is better this week.  I want to run more than walk this week.  I've mostly been walking them. It's time to pick up the pace.

I am looking forward to...
getting an oil change for my car.  It needs it.  It also needs a good washing and detailing. 
I am learning
… I learned about my faith walk from a fitness magazine..

Around the house... I want to wash my car and do some work outside.  Maybe tomorrow morning, I can get to it.
I am pondering...  today's sermon.  It was on Genesis 29 where Jacob works seven years to earn his wife Rachel.  Rachel's father, Laban, tricks Jacob by giving him Leah first and getting him to work seven more years for Rachel.  The rest of the chapter covers the ongoing family dysfunction.  My pondering is about Leah.  What do you do if, like me, in the eyes of others you are a Leah instead of a Rachel?  Do you succumb to the whims of powerful people for a crumb of compassion, fleeting and counterfeit though it may be?  Do you try to imitate Rachel to get what you need or want?  I'm not even putting this in the context of marriage.  I'm just talking about life in general.
A favorite quote for today... "Defeat comes from looking back, distraction comes from looking around, discouragement comes from looking down, but deliverance comes from looking up!" - Jerry Savelle

One of my favorite things... Hats and caps designed for people with big heads.  I have a large head (I'm such a lady) and can't wear a standard baseball cap without getting a headache.  My friend Jim gave me an oversized cap to wear outside and it was life changing.  I don't have to run feeling like my brain is being choked off.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Working in the workshop.  Sav-A-Life and band practice on Tuesday, Woodstock 5k training on Thursday, playing with the community band at JackVegas' annual Independence Day celebration Thursday.  Speaking at Celebrate recovery Friday.

A peek into my day...  Finished this painting for the July senior dance.  Yep, I'm actually done early.  Yay me!


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