Friday, June 27, 2014

Dodging Naners: The Friday 5

Go over to for the weekly prompts.
  1. What’s something this past week that made you slightly bananas? A crochet pattern, of all things.  It's a pattern I've done several times, but for some reason it doesn't always come out right.  I literally had to cut my work apart to fix the error.  It drives me nuts because it's an easy pattern, but the stitch counts have to be exact.
  2. What did you do last Sunday? Went to church, came home and took a nap, then went to worship team practice.  What are you planning for this coming Sunday?  Church, of course, but the rest of the day is up for grabs.  Because so many people are out of town, we're not having practice tomorrow, so I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow.  I may go riding.
  3. What’s something you fudged this past week?  If you mean fudge, as in to dodge or avoid something, then sort of.  It was kind of an accidental fudge.  I avoided having to deal with something, but I didn't try to avoid it; the opportunity just never presented itself.
  4. What was this week’s most interesting scoop?  Nothing, really.
  5. What was the cherry on top of your good or bad week?  Everyone talking about, or showing pictures of their vacations and exotic summer trips kind of bummed me out.  Plus, more of my friends still doing poverty shaming on social media.  Just ticks me off!

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