Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Green Miles [30 Day Photo Blog]

Hadn't been out on the trail for more than two weeks because of moving (we'll talk about that later) and then all the yucky weather we had here in 'Bama.  So, today I got back out on the trail with Tammy from over at Cycling to a Thinner Shadow and Lauren; two buddies from my Sunday school class.

We headed north toward Piedmont, Alabama.  This was my longest ride to date--a little over 15 miles.  Got some great shots and had a great time, but ow my twinkie!

Turtle pond: a peaceful respite.

Never saw this mile marker before.
Such pretty green miles.

When we stopped here, another cyclist pulled up and said, "I see you've found Jacksonville's Stonehenge."  That's pretty funny right there...

Lauren and Tammy when I could finally catch up to them.

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