Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Titters from the Twitter (and Other Places): December 2013

It's no secret that I love to laugh and make others pee in their pants with hilarity (or at least not look at me like I'm stupid when I crack a joke).  The internet has given me a plethora of material; from quotes, to videos, to tweets and Facebook posts.  I stole borrowed the idea for sharing them from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine.  So, please enjoy my top titters from the Twitter (& other places) for December 2013:
  • 12-02 - From Twitter:  @bgrhubarb retweeted: 
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  •  From YouTube and Twitter from @SouthernWomen
  • From Guyism.com: If you know anything about American football, you'll know why the "Rudy" poster is hilarious.
  • 12/05 - From Facebook:  D.Raulerson said:  "FYI - This month is National Month Awareness Month."
  • 12/06 - From Facebook:  D.Raulerson said:  "Hey Blockbuster, remember when I said you'd never get that $5 late fee? I win."
  • 12/06 - From Twitter:   @bgrhubarb retweeted:  Think of a number. Double it. Add eight. Half it. Minus the number you started with. Close your eyes.... It's dark, isn't it?
  • 12/06 - From Facebook:  S.Maddox posted:  "You do realize that if you post something to Facebook or Twitter directed at someone not on Facebook or Twitter, they can't read it, right????  #AuntiesRandomThoughts"
  • 12/06 - From Twitter:  @bobsaget tweeted:  "Stop and smell the roses today. My dog just peed on them."
  • 12/09 - From Facebook:  D.Raulerson posted:  "I read that India recently launched a rocket to Mars. That seems like an odd place to put a call center."
  • 12/09 - From Twitter:  @HonestToddler tweeted:  "Watching TLC. A man got too big and had to be cut out of his house. That happened to my friend but they called it a C-section."
  • 12/09 - From Pinterest:  K.Hall pinned:This is just flat out funny
  • 12/11 - From Jon Acuff's website;  An open letter to the "Elf on a Shelf" people.  http://stuffchristianslike.net/2013/12/11/dear-perfect-elf-shelf-people-open-letter
  • 12/12 - From Twitter:  @honesttoddler tweeted:  "So Mr. Rogers disappears, jungle cat Daniel Tiger shows up wearing HIS EXACT SWEATER AND SHOES & nobody suspects anything?!"
  • 12/13 - From Twitter:  @honesttoddler tweeted:  "You want to see an adult cry real tears, spill their coffee."
  • 12/15 - From Twitter:  @BeckGAC_RSA tweeted: "Why can't us girls just receive a text message once a month that says 'You're Not Pregnant. Have A Nice Day'?"
  • 12/17 - From Facebook:  T.Kingston shared:
  •  12/18 - From Facebook:  T. Kingston shared:  Saw this on Twitter: "Airplanes have now banned tweezers. Anyone who can hijack a plane with tweezers deserves the plane." 
  • 12/20 - From Twitter:  @sdmadd1 tweeted:  "If my MeeMee wasn't the one who gave me my Christmas clock, I'd shoot it right now. "
  • 12/21 - From Twitter:  @karenlaw6 tweeted:  "20 years ago, we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we got no cash, no hope and no jobs. We must protect Kevin Bacon, 'Merica."
  • 12/21 - From YouTube video I was watching that day...yeah I know it's cheating...so what?:  "Plethora is a Latin word, it means [butt]load." - Craig Ferguson
  • 12/22 - From Twitter:  @HonestToddler tweeted:  "So it's wrong to eat out of the trash unless it's a wastebasket with three kinds of popcorn?"
  • 12/22 - From Twitter:  @JonAcuff tweeted:  "Dear husbands, have you thanked your wife yet today that she's not as shallow as the wives in jewelry commercials?"
  • 12/23 - From stuffchristianslike.net:  J.Ruhs commented: "Rudolph should have told Santa, 'No. If my nose wasn’t good enough for good weather, light your own freakin’ sleigh.'”
  • 12/23 - From Twitter:  @sdmadd1 tweeted:  "You know what the song Christmas Shoes needs?  More cowbell!"
  • 12/27 - From Twitter:  @JonAcuff tweeted:  "'I'm starving! I need pie!' My 10yo daughter doing a classic bit of 'Dessert Misdirection.'"
  • 12/28 - From Blogger: http://iron-diva.blogspot.com/2013/12/you-aint-done-nothin-if.html
  • 12/29 - From Twitter:  @TastyTuneTweets tweeted:  Haha- "That's funny" Hahaha- "That's REALLY funny!" Hahahahaha- "I'VE GONE INSANE" Bahahahahaha- "I'VE GONE INSANE AND I'M A SHEEP"
  • 12/30 - From Twitter:  @JonAcuff tweeted:  I wish I had the sales skills of the person who keeps getting the show "Finding Bigfoot" renewed for another season.
  • 12/31 - From Twitter @JonAcuff tweeted:  "If Dante could do it all over, he'd add the returns line after Christmas at Walmart to his Inferno."

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