Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Tree

Thanks to Lisa-Jo Baker at Five Minute Friday for the prompts.
Five Minute Friday


I love that God made trees.  Trees give us the colors of the seasons.  Spring trees like the Bartlet Pear gives a display pretty white blossoms to shout "Hello spring!"  Crepe Myrtles and their crinkly pink blooms tell of summer.  All the leaves on the ground in their rainbow of deep browns, yellows, and oranges signal fall and football season (Roll Tide).  When all the leaves are gone and trees go to "sleep" reminds me that winter is not forever and the trees will awake again with new life.

I would love to have a treehouse someday.  I've always thought those were so cool, but I've never actually been in one--only saw them on TV. Just my own little getaway in the sky amongst the birds.  Maybe mine will have a tire swing on a strong branch for the kids of the family (and maybe even Auntie) to swing on and fly high. 



  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year, not only but especially for the colors of the tree leaves!