Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 29: Toy Story

Blog challenge is from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine

Day 29:  What were your three favorite toys/games as a child?
  • My first bicycle.
  • The Somersault Dog:  I think I was about five when I got this toy.  You wound it up and it would bark as it walked and sat down.  Then, all of a sudden, it would stop barking and do a back flip.  That was the funniest thing.  I wonder if they still make those?
  • The baby doll.  I only received one baby doll as a child that I remember.  I was five or six and I found out the hard way that just because a doll has black hair and brown skin, you can't do her hair like a little back girl.  The minute hair grease touched that doll's head, it was never right again.  By the time I finally threw that doll away when I was bout 30 years old, her hair was, of course, ruined, she had one eye that wouldn't close when you laid her down, and she wouldn't wet anymore when you fed her water from her bottle.  She was a hot mess!


  1. You had the creepy baby doll from Toy Story! .... or was that Toy Story 2? lol

    1. She didn't start out creepy, but she sure ended that way. :)