Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday: "Last"


Kelly Holmes in action in the 2004 World Indoor ChampionshipsLast; it seems to be my middle name.  I was born last in my family.  If I ever get married and have kids, I'll be the last one to give my mom grandchildren.  I was usually the last one picked for teams at school.  I seem to always be behind everyone else, even now.  I just can't seem to catch up.

How much "last" should one person take?  How ruthless should I be?  How much caution should I throw to the wind?  How much reckless abandon should I be living in to escape the "last"?  How do I escape without compromising my principles?  Everyone seems to be there.  How did they get there so quickly?  Why am I still last?

Are there any good "lasts" in my life?

I lasted, or persevered, and marched in the band, graduated from high school and college.  For most people, those are ordinary things, but not for me.

I keep lasting through hardships, crappy jobs, unemployment, emotional problems, loneliness, emptiness, setbacks, and other people's nuttiness.

I have a lasting hope in my God and my future.  I have a lasting sense of humor that I hope never dies (it may also be my ticket out of JackVegas).  May the laughter last.


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  1. Hey Shannon! Thanks for posting. Funny, I read this just after writing my own and I also thought about the pros and cons of being last based on birth order... great minds think alike! I do think it makes us more resilient and probably more fun, too. :) Keep on writing!!