Sunday, July 21, 2013

Auntie's Playhouse: 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 15

Your dream house.  [Blog Challenge:  Day 15]

Yes, I know I've working on this 30 day blog challenge for 51 days.  I've been kind of busy.

 So how much time do you have?

This is something I've been pondering for a long time.  Owning a home is such a momentous thing, but also a wonderful thing.  I'm over 40 and have yet to own a house though I have longed for it.  For many years I watched HGTV (back in my cable days) and dreamed of the day when I could see my own dream home become reality.  I still believe that day will come.

Let's start with outside. 

My home will have a big yard with plenty of flowers in the front yard and vegetable garden space in the back, with nice grass in between.  I'm thinking I might want a pool, but I don't know how to tend a pool and I really don't want to have to keep running the neighborhood kids out of it, so that may be out (or I'll build an indoor pool under lock and key).  I want a clothesline, a shed for gardening tools and flower pots, and possibly a corner in the back for a yard dog (no doggies in the house).  I do NOT want any HOA's telling me what I can and can't have either.  To me, an HOA is like living in government housing all over again, and who wants that?!

The house would be brick.  I'm not sure about the style.  I like Spanish style houses (think Zorro), but I also like the farmhouse style, as well as plantation and Georgian style with the columns and such (Miss Scarlet!).  It doesn't really matter.  I'll like it whichever style it is.

I've always wanted a pretty painted mailbox with flowers planted around the base of it (another good reason to have no HOA!).  Yes, it's a little hokey, but I've lived in an apartment with a communal locking mailbox all of my adult life.  Having my own "uniquely me" mailbox means a lot to me. 

Yes, I'm totally Southern and want a big front porch with rocking chairs, or  at least a porch swing (...and we were swangin'...)

The Living Room.

Don't know about color schemes or anything.  I just want my living room to be inviting and cozy.  I'd like a TV made in this century in that room if that's not too much to ask.  :)

The Kitchen

I'd like to have a large eat-in kitchen with lots of cabinet space.   What we call bigger than a "one butt" kitchen.  I'd like my upper cabinets to have frosted glass doors and the lower cabinets to have pull out shelves. I want a big industrial sink.  I did want a flat top stove, but I've heard those don't last long and they don't do well with cast iron cookware (which I want).  My refrigerator would be one of them new fangled kind that the ice and water come out of the door.  I also want a pantry.

The Master Suite

I want a tranquil bedroom that makes me feel pampered.  Nice furniture, walls actually painted the color I want, a chaise lounge to read and relax by the window, stuff like that.  The only luxury item I really want in my bathroom is a large soaking tub.  I've been in my apartment for 18 years and no matter how much weight I lose, the bathtub isn't fit to take a soaking bubble bath in.  It's only about as wide and long as a baby crib and as deep as a solo cup.  So, I just take a shower and be done with it.

I also want a guest room, an office, the dining room turned into a reading room, a bona fide laundry room (not just a washer and dryer stuck in the kitchen or bathroom), and a garage that I will turn into my arts and crafts studio.  My basement will become my home fitness center.  It will be awesome.

I could go into great detail about the decorating specifics, but that would be too long.  The point is that when I get this house, it will be the first time in my life that I will get to paint walls, choose new furniture, and have things look exactly how I want them.  I won't have to settle for whatever shows up or whatever is allowed.  Also, this is not just about what I want for me.  This house will be a blessing to others.  I would have company more often and have room for out of town friends to spend the night.   Look out HGTV!
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  1. I pray that you will get your house. You DESERVE it, and you will do it justice. People will be blessed to have a hostess like you. God bless you!!!