Saturday, January 12, 2013

Coffee Beans: The Simple Woman's Daybook for Saturday, January 12, 2013.

Outside my window … A rainy but warm day.

I am thinking...
 Where’s my coffee?

I am thankful...
for food on the table.  For some great clothes that were given to me.

In the kitchen...
  Going to try my hand at making homemade Spanish rice and my salsa chicken for dinner.

I am wearing... Sweat pants and a t-shirt.

I am creating... Hopefully doing some writing today.  Don’t really know.

I am going... To the gym.  Probably to the grocery store.

I am wondering...
what my next job will be.

I am reading...
Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.   

I am hoping...
to get back in my niche…and stay there.

I am looking forward to...
church tomorrow.

I am learning
… to continue to do things afraid, but to never do anything based on fear.

Around the house...
my favorite sport, laundry.  

I am pondering...   how to get where I need/want to be. 

A favorite quote for today...If we make right choices while we are hurting, there's no devil in hell that can keep us from having victory." - Joyce Meyer

One of my favorite things... Baby kisses. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Working out today.  Two church services tomorrow.

A peek into my day...
Would love a pair of these.
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  1. Laundry is a sport in my house, too. I've allowed so MUCH of it to accumulate, it looks like some freaked out reality show. I love your comment about doing things afraid, but not doing them based on fear. I can relate. I've had to function in a fearful state so much; however, we must not fear. That's what God kept telling me last year when I thought my husband would die, be arrested, or be committed. God prevailed. God bless you and see you through your struggles. You are SO STRONG!! Your faith is an inspiration!!! Your creativity is OFF the CHART!!! :)