Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Yellow Submarine: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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April is Lawn and Garden Month. On a scale of 1-10 what's the current state of your lawn and/or garden. (10=a showpiece, 1=send in the professionals). Tell us about any lawn or garden plans you have for this month.

I really can't speak on that topic since where I currently live isn't mine to garden in.  I love gardens and have many ideas for when I have my own space in which to create.

"Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there." ~ Thomas Fuller  What does this quote mean to you?

Sounds like an ode to Kudzu!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about God?

Love.  Not the ooey gooey cliché love.  No, the love I think of is an intimate love that heals the brokenhearted, gives a family to those who have none, to embrace someone in your arms and never let them go.

If we were chatting in person, how would I know if you were nervous?

I don't think I would be nervous talking to you Mrs. Joyce.  However, my nerves show when I can't look you in the eye, when I talk too fast, or clam up.  I also get where I don't know what to do with my limbs when I'm unnerved.

Do you like the color yellow? Would I find any in your home or wardrobe? Daffodils, tulips, roses, sunflowers, day lily, black eyed Susan...which yellow bloom on this list is your favorite?

To wear, no.  Because I have bronze toned skin, I don't look good in most shades of yellow.  As a paint color, yes.  There's yellow on the walls of the kitchen in my living quarters.  Now, as far as flowers go?  Yes, yes, and yes!  I enjoy all the flowers you've listed.  Since they come around at different seasons and I can see them all, I don't have to pick a favorite.

Flip flops or bare feet?

Bare feet.  The only time I wear flip-flops is to the pool at the Y.  As a general rule, I despise flip-flops because they hurt my feet and they're butt ugly.  I call them the redneck Birkenstock.

Tell us about any Easter plans, celebrations, or traditions you'll carry out this month.

Other than going to church, I haven't a clue.  I'm playing in both services, so I'll most likely be so tired I'll go straight home and head for bed.  Yeah, exciting, I know.  I long for more to celebrate the death and resurrection of the Savior, but I've also got to be realistic.  It's going to feel like work rather than pleasure.

Insert your own random thought here.

I'm thinking about personality types and how much I hate mine. Yes, I know I've talked about it before, but it still bugs me.  I fall in the category of Golden Retriever/ Melancholy/ Obliger.  Out of the four major personality types, this one is the weakest.  The others don't really need anyone to succeed; not my type.  The lion/choleric/upholder is the most desired.  They are ambitious self-starters who don't care about what anyone thinks.  In fact, they get people to work for them instead of being stuck working for someone who dehumanizes them or dictates their worth or success.  I'm hunting for my inner lion, but all I keep finding is Eeyore.


  1. There's nothing wrong with Eeyore. Eeyore is beautiful and kind-hearted, a sensitive soul. The world needs more beautiful souls. :)

    I don't like flip flops either. That thing between the toes drives me mad just thinking about it. I wear sandals instead of dealing with that toe thing.

    I had to laugh at your statement about kudzu. I grew up with the stuff back home in South Carolina. It is something that I have never seen out here in Texas. :)

    Have a blessed day!

  2. I totally forgot about kudzu until you mentioned it. We used to live in North Carolina and I remember how that stuff would literally blanket entire areas and cover all the native flowers, grasses, and trees.

    That's so nice that you are able to play for the Easter services. My daughter plays the harp at church sometimes and she is drained as well after she performs. It takes a lot out of a person. Yet, what a gift you are sharing with others! It's something people remember and are inspired by as they go through the rest of their day.

  3. I love Eeyore! Good luck in finding your inner lion. Enjoy your week.

  4. Kudzu is a thing here in the south. You don't see it so much up north. It does take over! Wishing you a joyful Easter, and I don't think a Sunday nap is ever a bad idea : )

  5. Had to chuckle at your answer for #2. I grew up in the South, and that's about all there is sometimes!

  6. Ah Kudzu. As far as I know, it has not crossed the Mississippi yet. I remember back in South Carolina we could actually see it grow. It is an amazing plant, but hard to get rid of. I remember whole houses being covered in it in the summer. In the winter, we would ride by a field and be reminded that there was a house there.