Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hot and Bothered: The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:  Sunday, June 26, 2016

Outside my window  Hot and humid.  We are in need of rain.

I am thinking...   I was invited to another Sunday School class last week, so I decided to give it a try today.  The first piece of irony was that the person who invited me wasn't even there today.  The second piece was that she told me that the class wasn't a couples' class, but when I got there, it was a class full of couples.  The good thing about the class was that I knew just about everyone who attended, so any discomfort and anxiety I felt was the normal level I feel anyway.  The subject matter was on worry, based on Matthew 6.
Hmm.. how do I say this?
You know, I was excited about the subject matter until we got into the lesson.  It was taught from the perspective of a middle class person with no worries about the basics to a class full of middle class persons with no worries about the basics of life.  In fact, they were pretty insulting about anyone who may be concerned about the basics of food, clothing, and shelter.  In other words, they thought those people with petty worries like that were "out there" somewhere.
Don't worry, I held my tongue the whole class...which means God still works miracles in our midst.  If I had opened my pie hole, I would have mentioned that not everyone in our congregation is of the same socioeconomic class.  Some of us are working hard just to have the basics.  It's frustrating to be told that my struggles mean nothing and that the solution is simply to not worry and give it to God.  I've blogged some about the pressures that I'm under:  debt pressure, physical health pressure, mental health pressure, the pressure of being one heartbeat away from being homeless, job pressure, relationship pressures.  Look, I'm not asking anyone to give me anything or solve my problems.  I simply want someone to truly care.  I want what anyone else would want; someone to tell me they understand--really understand.  I want someone to tell me everything is going to be OK.  I want to know that my struggles are not in vain and that my life has a purpose.
So, long story short, that class is definitely not for me.  I'll try something else next week.
I am thankful...  for the healing power of words.
From the Workshop...  I didn't quite finish the quilt-ghan, but I've made some significant progress.  Hopefully, I'll finish this week.  I've also got to think of something for the senior dance prize. 

I am reading...  In my read through the Bible, I just finished the book of Job.  For the first time ever, I actually found some comfort in it.  Sorry, but Job isn't my favorite book.  People has twisted that book so badly that I didn't even want to read it.  But I did, and God spoke comfort to me through it.

I am learning...  to be more proactive in my life.

Favorite quote(s) of the week

 "A sense of Christ's amazing love to us has a greater tendency to humble us than even a consciousness of our own guilt."  Charles Spurgeon

"Failure is no accident.  You set yourself up for it or you don't."  Dr. Phillip C. McGraw

"You'll find that you can't be too smart for God because He's the one that put that brain in your head in the first place." - Dr. Bill Winston 

I am looking forward to...  my three day weekend next week.

And now for something totally different...

Thursday 13 for this week"Why My Future Children May Hate Me."
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