Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lent Photo A Day 16: "Retreat"

Mark 6:31 - And he (Jesus) said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.

In the wars of worldly nations, the word retreat has a negative connotation.  A soldier who retreats is giving up and giving in to the enemy.  However, a soldier of Christ is called to retreat--to rest, to feed on the Word, and to commune with the Almighty.  Some retreats need to be solo, while others need to be times of growing together in Christ.  These types of retreats make us stronger to fight the enemy and win.

On the way home from running an errand, I passed by one of my favorite pretty places off Saks Road in Weaver and snapped this picture.  This peaceful piece of beauty on an otherwise hectic road intrigues me.  I have no idea who owns it, but it's gorgeous no matter what time of year it is.  If I could get permission, I would go to this spot, set up a folding chair and a tray table, or at least a blanket and have a mini retreat once in a while.  For now, I'll enjoy the photograph.  I hope you will too.

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