Friday, October 30, 2015

Auntie's Full Shelf Challenge 17

BookThe Calling of Emily Evans.

Author: Janette Oke

Info: Copyright 1990:  Bloomington MN:  Bethany House Publishers.

Where acquired: Free Kindle Book.

Rating (on a scale of 1-4 hashtags): # # # 

What it's about:  Set in Calgary, Alberta in the early 1900's, Bible school student Emily Evans feels a call to the ministry.  Enduring many hardships, the Deaconess is sent to start a small parish in the community of Wesson's Creek.

Favorite Quotes

"When I marry--if I marry, Emily reminder herself, it must be to someone who shares my commitment, not robs me of it."  - Location 2793

What I Liked:
  • Though fiction, this book was based on the actual Missionary Church of the Canadian West.  This missionary workers endured many of the same hardships as the fictional character.
  • Emily's commitment to God was very encouraging.
  • This is only the second Kindle book I've read.  The first was on my laptop; this one was on my phone.  This one was much easier to handle. This was my 'waiting room" read that helped take my mind off things.
What I didn’t like: 
  • The book had real page numbers for a while.  I got about halfway through the book and instead of page numbers, I got position numbers.  When I went back to see if I could get them back, I couldn't.  Weird.
  • Typical for this author, but a little bit of unbelief always has to be thrown in.  I knew it was coming, but it's still annoying when it does.
  • SPOILER ALERT - I also found it annoying that the author just HAD to marry off the females in the story.  Are there any good Christian fiction novels that have strong single female characters that don't have to be married off to make the books "Christian Correct"?
To sum up:  The Calling of Emily Evans is a very interesting read.  The spiritual nature of her journey, plus the historical context makes for a pretty good book.

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