Saturday, December 6, 2014

40 Days of Gratitude: Day 15

Woke up to a rainy, yucky morning.  I'm actually thankful:
  • Thankful for the much needed rain.
  • Thankful for the calming sound of rain falling.
  • Thankful I wasn't running the Ladiga Half Marathon this morning.  I ain't near ready for that.  Hopefully next year I can do it.
  • Thankful I didn't have anywhere I had to be so I could sit back and enjoy it.
After the rain cleared out, I headed out to Oxford.  My niece, Cassandra, and I took a stroll at Oxford lake.  I am grateful that Calhoun County has so many lovely places to go for recreation.

I think every duck in the county was at the lake today.

Newly refurbished Coldwater Covered Bridge.
I hope to make a painting of this.

The day ended with hearing my favorite sports radio announcer, Eli Gold, broadcast University of Alabama's victory over Missouri for the Southeastern Conference championship.  Roll Tide!

Photo courtesy of University of Alabama Athletics

And now, I am tired and in bed at 7:00.  See y'all tomorrow.

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