Sunday, November 30, 2014

Titters from the Twitter (and Other Places): November, 2014

This month's titters from the Twitter (and other places).  Enjoy! 

11/02:  From Anniston Runner's Club's Facebook page:
11/03:  From facebook:  T.Walker shared:
11/04:  From Facebook:  E.Wilson shared:
11/04:  From Twitter:  @GregBQuotes tweeted:  "Every year I hear, 'Well, it's the wrong strand!'  Have you ever heard 'We got the right strand!'  Never. Never!…well crap." On Flu Shots.
11/04:  From Twitter:  @sdmadd1 tweeted:  "Why wasn't there an amendment on the ballot today prohibiting messing with the freakin' clock!? "
11/06:  From Facebook:  T.Harper shared:
11/09:  From Facebook:  E.Renfroe shared:
11/11:  From Twitter:  @tomaslennon tweeted:  If they update "Cats in the Cradle" -- the dad misses everything because he's updating Adobe Flash Player at every stage of the kid's life. 
11/11:  From Facebook:  S.Maddox shared:  Just heard the best name for a country music star on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: "Billy Ray Truck Knuckle." 
11/19:  From Twitter:  @UpComedyClub tweeted:  “White pants should be worn [by men] on two occasions: One, never. And two, if you're selling ice cream.” - Greg Proops
11/22:  From Twitter:  @pourmecoffee tweeted:  "Just finished a brutal yoga class, and by brutal I mean delicious and by yoga class I mean pork biscuit."
11/26:  From Facebook:  D.Raulerson shared:  "I have difficulty sleeping at night because I lay awake stressing over life's mysteries, like how exactly does paper beat rock."
11/26:  From Twitter: @PowerLifting tweeted: 

11/27 (Thanksgiving):  From Facebook: R.Tompkins shared:
From last year, but I want to post it again:  "[During your holiday meal] if somebody says something to you about how much you're eating or 'Ooh, what happened to your diet?' PUNCH THEM IN THE THROAT." - Daniel and Kelly from
11/26:  From YouTube:  The Southern Women Channel posted:
11/27:  From Facebook:  E.Dryden shared:
11/28:  From Twitter:  @sdmadd1 tweeted: "What's the opposite of homemade sin? Storebought sin? Do they sell it on Black Friday? If so, somebody bring me some. I'm fresh out."

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