Tuesday, November 25, 2014

40 Days of Gratitude: Day 04

Today was one of those crappy days I wish I could undo by going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head.  I chose food over God to deal with my bad feelings.  I had a very hard time finding anything to be thankful for.  Then, along comes my buddy, Caleb. 

Caleb is my roommate's 14 year old great grandson.  He has the same kind of ridiculous sense of humor I do.  He was working on his homework when the comedy banter started.  A Facebook post from his mom:
Studying history at Mudder's:
Caleb-Amerigo Vespucci
Shannon-The guy America's named after. He's Italian. Didn't he event spaghetti?
Caleb-No, the meatballs.
Shannon-Wasn't he a soprano? He was on the Sopranos. ...
Me-Okay, NEXT.
And on it went for more than an hour...and it just got worse.  We laughed until we cried.  I laughed until I snorted.   God mercifully used this kid to wipe my bad day away.  Thank God for his mercy.

I'm also thankful that we've got some help in the Community band.  Several players from Weaver high school are helping us with our Christmas concert on JackVegas' city square next week.  A new guy also joined us in the percussion section.  He assumed the Alpha Male role since he must have thought I was one of the children (?!), but I hope he comes back anyway.  I need all the help I can get.  Despite popular belief, I can't play all the parts alone.

Thank you, Lord, for turning my mourning into drumming tonight.

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