Sunday, November 23, 2014

40 Days of Gratitude: Day 02

I've been a musician for 27 years.  Although drums are my first love, bass guitar runs a close second.  I've never owned a drumset (I need a house to put it in first) however, I've owned a couple a really nifty basses. 
I got my first axe at a pawn shop:  a black Yamaha.  It worked well and took much abuse for over 15 years before I started having problems with its internal electronics. 
For years I dreamed of getting a Dean Flying V.  One of my favorite Christian rock bands used them and I though they were cool.  I kept pictures of one on my computer screen.  I envisioned myself playing it.  Well, my dream came true when a friend bought it for me as a late 40th birthday present.
I am thankful for my bass guitar, not because it's a "thing" I wanted, but what playing it has meant.  Once I got used to the length of its neck, I felt like I had to bump my playing up a notch or two, and I've been the better for it.
Another thing:  I get lots of compliments on my playing, but today's was most meaningful.  Before worship service, a young lady came up to me and said that she played bass also (don't hear that from many girls).  She thought it was awesome that I (a lady) played bass and that my playing was "cool."  She said it encourages her to keep playing.  Keep rocking for Jesus, sister!  

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