Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meltdown Challenge: Day 16

Today has been another rough one.  Since I've felt tired so much, I decided to sleep in today.  I got up much later than usual and still felt very tired.  I got a good bit of work done, including a good walk at the community center, but things still aren't right.

Since Sunday, I've felt "off."  It started with how lethargic I felt when I woke up.  It went on to my working very hard to play music at church, but feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere.  I had no focus, and quite frankly, my playing sucked.  So far, this week has been the same way;  I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and all I'm getting is tired.  I think I need a day's getaway.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do that. 

I don't want this to throw off my progress.

I learned something today.  In our food logs, one of the questions was whether we'd balanced a healthy carbohydrate with a food containing healthy protein and fat in our meals and snacks.  I'd wondered about that.  Today's lesson finally explained it.  The energy in healthy carbohydrates is like kindling for a fire;  it's a good starter, but it burns out quickly.  Healthy protein and fat is like a log; it takes the energy of the fire started by the kindling and uses the energy in a slow burn of energy available much longer.  Good lesson.

Off to bed and on to a better day tomorrow.

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