Friday, October 17, 2014

Meltdown Challenge: Day 12

OK, today's reading was a little cray-cray.  Whoever wrote the reading for today must have fallen on his head.

It was an article about eliminating carbohydrates.  Not only did this little blurb have a lot of typos and grammar errors, but it also contained some disturbing misinformation.  I was OK until the sentence, "Carbs, although they provide energy, are not necessary for human beings to survive." Say what?  Simple carbs like those in processed foods and sweets, I get that we don't need those. But complex carbs like fiber are necessary to a balanced, healthy diet. Also, what about the other nutrients we need in fruits, vegetables, and other foods considered carbohydrates?

On day 10, the reading was about dropping the all-or-nothing approach to getting healthy. Wouldn't that also be true for dropping whole food groups from our diets as well? 


I'm beginning to wonder of Danny Cahill is even reading this stuff?  This sounds too fad diet-ish for someone who's been on The Biggest Loser.

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