Friday, October 10, 2014

Meltdown Challenge: Day 05

OK, so yesterday was a bust.  Let's try this again.

Car is in the shop getting new starter as we speak.  Praying I won't have to sell an organ to pay for it.  BTW--plenty of pretty pretties for sale at Auntie's Workshop.  :)

I'm having a hard time this week.  Along with all the things going on with me, I'm a little disturbed by all the inconsistencies or weird things about the challenge website and point system.
  • Some people registered weight loss on the website before the challenge officially started.
  • There seems to be a discrepancy about how to earn points be inviting others to join.  The rules say we only earn points when others join the challenge, yet others get points for simply inviting whether they join or not.  Plus, you only get two points a day for inviting, yet there are 10 slots for inviting.  Very confusing.
  • The website is simply not very user friendly and much of the terminology used is not explained.
It just seems like all things are not equal.  Very suspicious.

Housework was my exercise for the day.

Got my car back this afternoon, so I hit the grocery store.  Finally!

I'm still very tired.  I hope to sleep straight through the night tonight.

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