Friday, July 11, 2014

Veggie Tales: The Friday 5

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This week's questions were about out favorite vegetables.
  1. What’s your favorite tomato thing?  That's a toughie.  I enjoy tomatoes in so many different ways: on salads, on sandwiches, in pasta sauce and salsa.  My favorite quote about tomatoes is from Miles Kington:  "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."
  2. What’s your favorite celery thing?  My mother's cornbread dressing.  I only get to eat it twice a year and it's best use for celery (other than compost).
  3. What’s your favorite broccoli thing?  My favorite healthy broccoli thing is a broccoli stir fry with chicken and other veggies.  My favorite unhealthy use for broccoli is a big hot bowl of homemade broccoli cheese soup.  Good thing I don't know how to make it myself or I'd weigh 5000 pounds.  :) 
  4. What’s your favorite eggplant thing? I've never eaten eggplant and don't know how to prepare it, so I don't know if I would even like it.  I've heard they are very bitter.
  5. What’s your favorite spinach thing?  Spinach is my salad base instead of lettuce most of the time.  I also really enjoy it wilted and added to my "hot mess" omelet.
And since we're on the subject of vegetables...

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