Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maw-Maw Yarn: The Weekly Hodgepodge

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Share something you appreciate (or something you appreciated as you were growing up) about your mother.
We grew up very poor, but both my mom and dad could make do with anything.  They could both find anything and use it to meet a need. 
A quote most commonly ascribed to Plato reads "Necessity is the mother of invention." When did this last play out in your own experience?
I think it plays out in my life every day.  Just like my parents, I've had to be inventive in meeting my needs.
Share one of the earliest memories you have from childhood.
It was not a happy memory, so I'll just share a link to a post about it.
When did you last 'hit the mother load'? What was it?
Four years ago, Mrs. Anderson, one of the precious senior saints from my home church passed away.  She was an avid crocheter.  She was also a card too.  She didn't know how to read a pattern, so she made the same blanket over and over again, just with different colors.  I stitched with her a few months before she died.  I was making tiny granny squares for a quilt block type afghan (pictures of samples below).  When she asked me about them and I told her how simple they were, she just laughed and said, "Child, I don't know nothin' 'bout them fancy squares."  Fancy squares? Now that's funny.
Well, on to answering the question:  Four years ago, Mrs. Anderson went to heaven.  About a month after she died, her daughter Lynda asked me to come over to the house.  She said, "Mama had a little bit of yarn left and we wanted you to have it."  I thought how sweet.  When I got there, she and her husband had SEVERAL large leaf bags BULGING with balls and whole skeins of acrylic yarn (what the girls at the yarn shop call my "maw-maw yarn")  They STUFFED my Honda from front seat to trunk with my mother load of yarn. 
I am still crocheting things with this yarn to this day.  
What is/was your favorite dish mom made? Do you make that dish for your family/friends now that you're all grown up?
Nobody can fry chicken like my mama...not even me.  AND, who says that I'm all grown up?  :)
Mother May I? was at one time a popular children's game. It required no equipment or parts to play. What was your favorite childhood game where you could just turn up and play-no gear needed?
Uno, but that does require a deck of Uno cards.
Which TV mom (past or present) is your favorite, and why?
Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show.  She was a great example of a capable mother and successful career woman.  She wasn't sitting at home baking biscuits and waiting for Opie and Andy, she worked and she and Dr. Huxtable shared house duties and charge of the children..  Plus, she was hilarious and said things that my mom would say.  The show is just timeless.
Insert your own random thought here.
The quilt block type afghans I mentioned earlier.
School Bus Cuddle Quilt: 2013

Amish Baskets 01:  2012

Harvest of Friends:  2013


  1. I wish that I could sit with you and learn how to crochet more than washcloths and the same baby blanket :) You're one talented lady!

    1. Thanks, sweetie. I pray that one day soon, we can meet... or at least I learn to Skype.