Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Minute Friday: "Glue"

Thanks to Lisa-Jo Baker at Five Minute Friday for the prompts.
One of the properties of glue is that it holds things together.  Most glues dry clearly so that they cannot be seen.  So goes life.
I've never seen the movie It's a Wonderful Life, but I have heard a little bit about the story.  The lead character (his name escapes me right now) is feeling despondent over life and is planning to kill himself.  Instead he is rescued by an angel who will show him what life would be like had he never been born.  The world without him was bleak and depressing, which causes the man to go back and enjoy the good life that he has.  He found out how he held his part of the world together like glue holds things together, only he was "clear" so his impact could not be obviously seen.
Sometimes I wish God would do that for me--show me the alternative to my being born.  My fear is that it would be the opposite of what the movie character experienced.  So I shan't ask.  I shall endeavor to be good sturdy clear drying glue.


  1. Shannon, I feel the SAME WAY!! I don't know what I'm doing here, and I fear I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. God has kept me alive, as you for this long. I wish I knew the reason: for both of us. You are a wonderful person, and I'm just an idiot. My stupid husband stays away from the green stuff ONLY because I've said it makes him an idiot, which it DOES. Was that my purpose??? I just wonder. I feel bad. My hair falls out. I'm done. I trust ONLY in God. Shannon, you seem to be doing far I hope. I have nights I cry about you. I'm sure you will have the greater purpose. God BLESS you always!!!