Sunday, March 23, 2014

Letter to My Running Shoes

Dear New Balance 630v2's,

Thank you so much for being my first official pair of running shoes.  The day I took you off the shelf at Martin's and tried you on was the real beginning of my running career.  I'd only run one race before I found you.  You took me through my first color run, my first 5k in the rain, my best race and my worst race of 2013.  I remember the day I laced you up and took an inaugural stroll on the Chief Ladiga Trail.  You fit like a glove...or sock...and I felt like I was walking on pillows.  I could have run for miles...if only the rest of my body had felt like my feet did.

I was so hoping that you would take me into 2014, but sadly, I have to let you go.  Alas, I've run you so hard this past eleven months that the left shoe has traded it's fluffy softness for the consistency of a cinder block.  However, all is not lost, my sweet hot pink and gray lovelies.  You shall not be forgotten and relegated to a closet or dumpster.  You shall live on as my new bicycling shoes.  You shall not be retired; you shall now be REFIRED.

Rock on, shoes!  Rock on!

Signed, Your Faithful Friend


PS.  Play nice with your replacement when I leave y'all alone in the closet.  Don't make me come in there!

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