Friday, December 27, 2013

Auntie's Rules of Fitness: Part 3

For rules 1-8, click here.

For rules 9-15, click here.
  • Mind your business.
  • Don't be bouge.  I was recently ostracized by an online runners group because I did most of my running on a treadmill.  Someone gave me the turned up nose response of "Well, I NEVER use a treadmill."  (roll eyes here) So, I guess according to them I'm not a "real" runner unless all my miles are on the highway.  No, I'm a real runner because I RUN--even if it is a paw-paw slow pace.  I don't need shin splints, bruises from car bumpers, and large orthopaedic  clinic bills to prove I'm a runner.  Some people's children.
  • Drink plenty of water, but don't guzzle water during a workout.  If you drink too much too fast during an intense workout, will either barf or go through the workout wishing you could.
  • Have a piece of "progress" wear.  When it fits, get another one.
  • From Pinterest:  Do not reward yourself with food; you are not a dog.
  • Do not graze; you are not a cow.
  • If you eat something not on your plan, or if you, like me, lose your mind and flat out binge, do not punish yourself the next day or try to make up for what you did by trying to starve yourself or use anything to try to purge the "bad" food from your system.  Instead, focus on nourishing yourself totally.  Nourish your body with good food; nourish your mind with good words; nourish your spirit with what builds you up.  Just like in your spiritual life, grace works better than law and punishment.  Law and punishment makes you want to keep doing it.  Grace gives you the freedom to say no.
  • Be inspired, not required - What I mean by that is, be inspired by whatever floats your boat, but don't feel like you have to get the same results in the same way.  For example, I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss  However, I cannot expect to lose 7-10 pounds a week without exercising being all I do. 

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