Saturday, November 30, 2013

Roll Tide!: The Simple Woman's Daybook for Saturday, November 30, 2013

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Outside my window …  Cool and clear with those cobalt blue skies (as James Spann would say).
I am thinking...  about how I'm going to celebrate the Christmas season. My Thanksgiving celebration was great.

I am thankful...
Today?  For thrift stores.

In the kitchen...  keeping it light since I'm going to be snacking during the Alabama/Auburn game today.

I am wearing...

I am creating... Finished a crochet quilt this week.  Now, on to Christmas projects

I am going... To a friend's house to watch the Iron Bowl.  (Roll Tide!)

I am wondering... what in the world I would have done without the internet.
I am reading... Nothing today. 

I am hoping... that I can find some creative ways to celebrate the holidays.  I'm also hoping to find a good job before the new year.

I am looking forward to... A great week, the beginning of the Christmas season, more fun and more laughter.

I am learning
… that there is strength in numbers and weakness in solitude.

Around the house... piddling.

I am pondering...   on how to see my dreams come to fruition.  I heard John Maxwell say that dreams were free but the fulfillment of those dreams is costly, but worth it.  I understand that wish bone won't get me anywhere.  I'm just not sure what step one is on some of the things I want to accomplish. 

A favorite quote for today... In honor of today's Iron Bowl:  ROLL TIDE!!
One of my favorite things... University of Alabama Football.  (Roll Tide!)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Watching the Iron Bowl today (Roll Tide!).  Church tomorrow.  Playing with the Community Band at the Lighting on the Square Monday night.  Sav-A-Life's Christmas Party Tuesday, and getting ready for the church Christmas concert, plus job hunting and working on Christmas projects.

A peek into my day...  here’s a picture of the crochet quilt I finished this week..