Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Minute Friday: "Worship"


I've been a part of a worship team for more than 25 years as both a drummer
and a bass guitarist (I sing a little too).  I've done both "traditional" and "contemporary" services.  I've seen how I can worship no matter what the style of service is going on.  Admittedly, some are harder than others for me, but I love worship.

What has happened to worship?  What happened to "coming back to the heart of worship"?  BTW-- I never get tired of hearing that song.  What happened to really letting go and giving God our all?  What happened to acknowledging God in all that we do?  Before anyone gets their shorts in a bunch, I'm not talking about a particular style of worship.  As I said, I've had some awesome worship times with all kinds and am really enjoying being a part of a church that has both a "traditional" and "contemporary" service.  BUT who drew the line in the sand?  Who said that only certain types of people will only worship to certain styles?  Whoever it was never met me.  I can get on my knees and love my Jesus to a hymn just as well as I can a Hillsongs worship song. 

Let's just please really get back to the heart of worship.  Please?

BTW--it's not any easier for me because I play an instrument for the services.


Five minute Friday prompts here:


  1. I love "Heart of Worship" too! Thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing. I'm your neighbor on FMF.