Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Funkmaster: Music to Make Your Workouts Groovy

Before I knew I had any musical ability, I loved music.   My childhood was marked by songs that meant something.  Whether it signified an event, or brought out emotion, music has carried me through all the good and bad times.  It's no different with my workouts.  Music not only helps me keep a decent pace (unfortunately, I can become easily distracted), but the rhythms and words can boost my mood and put a little "swang" in my stride. 

I've designated Fridays as a day to share from my playlist.  Some of the music is sacred, some is secular, and some is downright silly.  So, here goes:

Open the Eyes of My Heart by SonicFlood is one of my favorite warm up songs.  I usually start my walks off with it.

Honkytonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins makes me want to work on my junkless trunk, but then I change my mind.  It keeps menfolk from leering at me if I just keep my plank butt.

If this doesn't get us to MOVE IT, nothing will.  :)

What are some of YOUR favorite workout tunes?
Update (07/25/14):  OK, so I didn't do this one very long, but I still find ways to share music with you.  

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