Saturday, July 22, 2017

Five Minute Friday: "Collect"

My most prized collection is my book collection.  At one time it was huge, but a "temporary poverty," as Louisa May Alcott would say, forced me to sell many of my favorite volumes.  After I got on my feet again (and again), I promised myself that no matter what, I wouldn't give up my library again.

I've been very frugal in my book purchasing; canvasing library book sales, thrift stores, yard sales, used books on Amazon, and bargain book sections in stores like Ollie's and Dollar General.  The collection isn't as large as before, but it is growing.

Now that I'm making yet another move, I've been paring things down; tossing, selling, and giving away items that won't fit in my Honda Accord.  However, my book collection remains.

Why?  Books are like friends to me.  I have nothing against e-books, of which I have a growing collection of bargain books and free classics, however, paper books are tangible, they are comforting, they are familiar.  They just "fit."  Reading a brand new one is like making a new friend.  Cracking open a familiar tome is like reminiscing with a long time "bosom" friend (yes, I like Anne of Green Gables too).

So, as I embark on my new adventure in just three short weeks (eek!), know that along with my essentials, the trunk of my car will be crammed full of my book collection--hopefully, to soon find a home.
Prompts provided by Mrs. Kate over at Five Minute Friday.


  1. I completely get you when it comes to books. Its so hard to weed them out and so easy to add to the collection. There is nothing like rereading a beloved book. Its so comforting. A friend just told me about a huge used book store in Dallas that is a mecca for book lovers. Guess who will happen to be in Dallas next weekend?! Good luck on your new adventure!

    1. I wish I was going with you. There's probably something similar where I'm going.

  2. When we moved the first time overseas we sold much of our library. My husband had one and I had one. Several years ago a friend bought me a Kindle and now I store all my novels on it. But my spiritual books I still get the old fashion kind so I can mark passage that I want to remember. Books are really old friends, some we can go back to over and over. Cannot tell you how many times I have read John Grishom books, or Calm My Anxious Heart by LInda Dillow. Some of not so close, read once, never to pick up again. But I sure like having them around, like my small shelves full. Yep, I guess I collect books too. We are book sisters.

    1. Like I said, I have some e-books, but there's still nothing like those papery-blog things. :)