Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lose Your Quit Quest 28

Step 28:  Forget a Watchman.  Go set a timer.

Years ago, I followed a website called  The site was designed to help the reader de-clutter her home and establish routines to have more time for what matters most.  Though the site morphed into something pretty much for mommies only, it started out with some great advice.

One of FlyLady's phrases is "you can do anything for 15 minutes."  It's amazing how much can get done in just 15 minutes.  Some examples of tasks I've completed in 15 minutes or less:
  • Folded and put away a basket of laundry.
  • Hand washed a sink full of dishes.
  • Wrote a blog post.
  • Showered and got dressed.
  • Threw away all the trash in my car.
  • Read a chapter in a book.
  • Read several chapters in the Bible.
  • Crocheted a granny square.
  • Vacuumed one room.
  • Cleaned the toilet and bathroom sink.
  • Walked nearly a mile.
  • Bicycled almost 3 miles.
  • Did a Fitness Blender Workout.
On step 16, I mentioned that one of the steps to getting back on track when you feel like quitting is to finish something you started.  If you can't finish it in one sitting, do it 15 minutes at a time.

In a blog post on this topic, Jon Acuff said this:
Part of our fear is that we think we have to do everything all at once. We’re afraid of the size of the dream or the magnitude of the mission. We think we have to accomplish everything in one sitting. The enormity of that expectation paralyzes us. I can’t write an entire book in one afternoon. But I can do just about anything for 60 minutes. That’s not too scary. I can handle that.
Try it.  Whether it's 15 minutes or an hour, that's 15-60 minutes closer to your goal.

BTW--no, I didn't get the part about the watchman either.  ;)

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