Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lose Your Quit Quest 10

Step 10:  Find Your Triggers

Trigger - anything, as an act or event, that serves as a stimulus and initiates or precipitates a reaction or series of reactions.

Usually the word trigger is associated with something negative, but there are also positive triggers:  what we call motivators.

Some positive triggers that inspire me to make positive health choices are:
  • Prayer
  • Health success stories of others.
  • Healthy recipes I want to try.
  • Seeing the results of what making poor choices produces.
  • Encouragement from others.
  • Signing up for races and activities.
  • Good music that gets me moving (more on that on step 17).
  • Getting a new workout outfit, shoes, or equipment.

Some negative triggers the drive me to make harmful health choices are:
  • Depression and thoughts of suicide
  • PMS
  • Stress and fear
  • Being mistreated or ignored by others
  • Illness
  • Feeling out of control
  • Negative feelings in general
As I add more of the positive, it will drive out the negative.

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