Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 22: See it, Say it, Seize it!

Blog challenge is from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine

Day 22: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  10 years?  15 years?

Understand that the answer to this question is loaded with uncertainty, conjecture, speculation, prayerful hope, and a lot of wishful thinking.  So, if I'm wrong, I just believe that my life will actually be better than this.

In five years, I will be 46 years old (WTC?).  I will be out of "JackVegas" and living in southern California.  I will be out of debt and have a lucrative career in something in the entertainment and/or art business.  Hopefully my church out there will have a great choir and worship band and not need me to play or sing.  Then, I can serve the church in other ways; giving, teaching, etc,   I will have received my 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th year chips at Celebrate Recovery and will have been at my goal weight for several years.  I may even run my first marathon by then.  My blog will have exploded into hundreds of readers.  I will have finished the Bible correspondence course I started years ago, and I will be saving up so that I can begin study on my doctorate.  I may also study drama/theater at my local university.  My book on my health journey will be self published, then picked up by a major publishing company, and appear on the New York Times  bestseller list.  A possible book/comedy/music tour will follow.

In ten years, I will be 51 years young.  After completing my doctorate in Theology and my Bachelor's degree in Drama/Theater Arts (might double major in exercise science), my doctrinal thesis will be published along with other works.  I will have done voice overs for several popular children's movies and I will be a regular contributor to Scholastic books read-alongs and Mrs. P's children's book website.  I'll have been on several missions trips to Honduras and possibly Asia.  I will have travelled extensively.  I'll begin my A.C.E. training to become a certified fitness trainer.  I'll own my dream house and have many opportunities to help and serve others from my home.  My craft business is booming.  I'll continue on with Celebrate Recovery and hopefully be mentoring others by then.

In fifteen years, I'll be a young 56.  The A.C.E. course has paid off and I have several individual fitness clients and teach classes at a local fitness center.  I'm still taking missions trips and travelling.  All of my business endeavors are doing well.  There are so many wonderful things going on that I can't think of all of them to write them down.  Life is good...and will continue to be so until I leave this planet. 

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