Friday, July 14, 2017

Five Minute Friday: "Comfort"

"Tidings of comfort and joy."

It's no secret that one of my greatest desires is to have a house of my own.  The dream is not only a comfortable, joyous place for myself, but also for those who visit.

But, what does that look like?  It's not just comfy furniture, soothing paint colors, welcome spaces for both adults and children, or lovely outdoor areas; it's an atmosphere of God's peace.  Comfort and joy because one feels God's love in my home.

Those are tidings of comfort and joy...and they're not just for Christmas.
Prompts provided by Mrs. Kate over at Five Minute Friday.


  1. Howdy FMF neighbor! I'm #87. Praying that you will have your own home someday and that it would be filled the goodness of God!